Friday, July 04, 2003

'But it's a big but. Do you mind? It's important! Someone has to care about the...the big truth. What Vetinari mostly does not do is a lot of harm. We've had rulers who were completely crazy and very, very nasty. And it wasn't that long ago, either. Vetinari might not be "a very nice man", but I had breakfast today with someone who'd be a lot worse if he ran the city, and there are lots more like him. And what's happening now is wrong. And as for your damn parrot fanciers, if they don't care about anything much beyond things that go squawk in cages then one day there'll be someone in charge of this place who'll make them choke on their own budgies. You want that to happen? If we don't make an effort all they'll get is silly...stories about talking dogs and Elves Ate My Gerbil, so don't give me lectures on what's important and what's not, understand?' -- The Truth, Terry Pratchett.


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