Wednesday, July 23, 2003

drinks with old buddies from A01A tonight. i'm going to miss you guys when i'm off again, back to my other home on the other side of the world. much as i love it at the university of chicago, i do miss all of you when you are not here, and i wish that we could somehow be together while being all this distance apart, living out separate lives. i guess to a certain extent that's what the blogs are for: to let us have some sort of idea what's going on in each other's lives while we're not physically in the same place at the same time -- which seems to happen just once a year these days, short enough to make me miserable, yet long enough that i can run around and see all of you and spend just too little time with you.

every time i have to leave this country i am reminded that all my roots are here: the people i love most in the world -- my family and the Qwormz; A01A, with whom i have shared two wonderful years of JC life, and with whom i continue to share the world of college life, and hopefully will continue to share the world of working life! and all the random other people who float through my life and make it richer for their existence. how could i ever imagine leaving, when everything that makes me the human being that i am is here?


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