Wednesday, July 30, 2003

first day of work is passing in a blur of 'hello, nice to meet you's and confused attempts to yank data out of a recalcitrant data set. but it's pretty cool to be here, in the hallowed hallways of the Fed -ok admittedly this isn't the new york bank, but it is a Fed bank nonetheless! it's a lot more casual than i thought it would be, which is nice -- everyone seems to go out of their way to make things less strange and intimidating. that's really good, because otherwise i would just be a hopeless mess - i'm still learning my way to the elevators, and my boss's office! the interns are sort of in the back of the figure of eight that makes up the research dept's offices, and i still get lost trying to find the washroom. -grins- no sense of direction = bad. but work is going well, i think i'm going to have fun, i have my own computer and my own space to mess up, and it's casual dress so i don't have to truss myself up in suits every day, though i might wind up doing that anyway 'cos i love to wear my funky shoes. the price to pay for vanity.

time to go back to work. =) no more slacking off -- i knock off in an hour...


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