Wednesday, July 02, 2003

go to Harry's at the Esplanade while you're home, ye who are jazz-and-blues fans, you will not regret it. UBlues's lead singer is not much to look at, but when he opens his mouth and plays his guitar, and you close your eyes [or sit with your back to him, as i was], you can fall in love. the smoothest, mellowest male voice accompanied by lovely driving electric guitar and bass and drums. very competent playing, very bad drinks -- you're paying for the privilege of listening to relatively decent music by drinking really bad cocktails with very little alcohol in them. it's a good environment though, and if you get cold or bored, you can always move outside and stare at the lights of One Fullerton across the water, or take a short walk along the riverside -- the band can be heard for quite a ways since the door of Harry's is open.

i think it's so funny that many a time, i've encountered guys with Voices, but i have to listen to them with my eyes closed, else i am distracted by the niggling question in my mind: how is that unprepossessing body producing That Voice? where is it COMING from? it's so bizarre, it's almost beyond belief. far easier to close my eyes and fall in love in my mind...

2A01A 2000: mr R is making time for us between 1100 and 1200 on thursday morning; be there or be square. he's marking common tests this week, but he says that he can certainly make time of us 'old friends'. =)

time for me to be abed -- the specialist investigages my brother's shoulder injury in the morning. wish us luck.

If I love you,
Will you give me your heart,
faithful and true?
If I love you,
Will you truly love me too?


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