Wednesday, July 16, 2003

have had a surfeit of fun over the last 48 hours, am feeling the tiredness set in's a pleasant sort of feeling, but it makes me incoherent as i type. indulge me. =) i love spending time with the wormz, and yesterday was one of the best in a while -- eun and alex and i hung around in town all afternoon [after i'd spent two hours sitting in coffee club xpress in wisma drinking a HUGE latte and reading undisturbed] cutting alex's hair and shopping and shooting pool --i suck at it! as H. knows very well having attempted, once, to teach me-- and then meeting amos and cece for la mian and xiao long bao and all kinds of other goodies. mmm. -happy tummy-

watched City of God this evening -- am very impressed by the movie, good call on the recommendations, pple who have been trying to get me to watch it!-- but am slightly irritated at myself for not watching it at Doc when it was showing in the spring. [on a side note: how strange it is that the movie only opened here this summer, while in the states it must've opened much earlier, to have been shown in the Doc spring season -- that's a quarter behind the cinemas downtown] it's the kind of movie that would have been really amazing in a cinema filled with undergraduates, esp undergrads like the ones who populate Doc Films at the U of C. i've become accustomed to watching movies with other college students; it's still strangely disconcerting for me to enter a cinema and have it half-filled with people who've clearly just knocked off work! anyways -- the camera work is excellent, the plot is gripping and real, the whole MOVIE feels real. honest. logical, in a twisted dark alien sort of way. go watch it. pity it's only showing at Cine, and at weird times.

am slowly coming to realise that i have only a week more in singapore before i'm off again for my little island oasis in chicago, with its full-sized bed with back support, and its north wall of glass, and its view of downtown where i will begin work the week after. how time flies when you're having fun!


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