Monday, July 07, 2003

i am no longer wise -- my teeth came out today, in a flurry of LA shots after judicious sedation by a really nice anesthetologist. as usual, he couldn't find my vein the first time, so the back of my left hand is going to be one solid bruise come the morning -- i can see it coming up now -- it happens every time: i bruise easily and have tiny veins, a bad combination when needles going in and staying in are involved.

so far, so good, though food consumption is down down down -- i'm eating MUSH as my dentist calls it, it's really quite depressing to stare at the gorgeous food on the dinner table and then start eating fish porridge, and be unable to even eat the fish 'cos you can't chew anything and can only swallow the rice -- and tomorrow will probably be a truly liquid diet. good thing i like milk. =) mmmm. but the pain is being very well managed by painkillers, and i think that there isn't really that much pain at this point anyway -- though i am told by many that it will get worse, and the swelling will show itself tomorrow. we shall see...

oh, and get this: my painkillers are Bright Pink, and they come in sugarcoated pills. as in the casing tastes like candy. how cool is that?

in other news, got my grubby fingers on a copy of Pinker's The Language Instinct -nod to alvin-boy- over the weekend thanks to Alex and Charles's willingness to wander ard hunting it down for me, and am in the first third of it now. it's really quite good, wakes the mind up, challenges what you thought you knew, and all pitched at a level that doesn't really require any specialised knowledge. except in grammar -he talks about noun phrases and verb phrases, and i'm stuck at 'what's a noun, a verb, and a phrase' because heaven only knows i never did grammar classes, i learned grammar and syntax by reading lots of books as a small child! =) so if you're fascinated by the question of how people acquire language, this is probably an interesting way to start...

tomorrow will be a day filled with reading, sleep, and plenty of dvds -- i found You've Got Mail! so i can finally watch it again. i love that movie --


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