Wednesday, July 09, 2003

it's always great to receive mail, isn't it? i've just spent two hours watching You've Got Mail and it always makes me want to jump right online and check my email and send pointless emails out to all my friends. there's just something about that movie that i love: the combination of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks; the endless books -- blending the Shop-Around-The-Corner appeal with the massive massive inventory of Fox Books, i love both kinds of stores; the shots of new york in the fall and the spring and oh, all those gratituous pictures of one of my favourite cities in the world -- i love new york. what more could i want in a movie? and i seem to watch it every time i'm home, and free, and sick, and tired. it's a great pickmeup. =)

i love those bookstores. i know some people have no use for big chainstores -- Ann Fadiman springs to mind, with her comment about Borders books just popping up like those ducks you use for shooting practice at carnivals [if you pop one, another jumps up in its place, identical to the first] -- but you have to love the fact that they have huge inventory, you can sit for hours reading and no one will bother you --well maybe not NO ONE, but no one you can't scare off with a well placed, well aimed scowl -- and MULTIPLE TRANSLATIONS of the classics! i love Kino and Borders for that reason; Times and MPH haven't got a thing on them, and that's really sad. really really sad. of course, there's always the other option, the 57th Street Books and the Sem Coop, which are my other favourite kind of bookstore, where you can always find your particular perculiar version of whatever book you're looking for, and have a long chat with the counter staff about it while you're looking for it/purchasing it.

the romantic in me, who pops out now and then for no apparent reason, loves the idea that somehow you can meet the person of your dreams just randomly. there's this line -- meg ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly, she says: "No, there isn't someone else. But there is the dream of someone else." when she's breaking up with her boyfriend and i'm thinking to myself, yes that really is true, isn't it? we shouldn't have to give up our dreams of 'someone else' just for the one we're with, should we? and there's something about the magic of loving the place that you're in, and the one that you wish you were with, that really appeals to me.

well it's time for me to wander off and finish reading a few of the ongoing projects that i have on hand...oh Pinker...


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