Friday, July 04, 2003

like a bad penny, 2A01A 2000 keeps returning to RJC, year after year after year. it's been three years since we left; it's hard to believe that so much time lies between the us now and the us that existed in 2000. it was great to see the guys again -- it felt just like old times, only alvin's a little more smarmy/charming, and fengyuan is no longer a bastard was a pity that kee and esther couldn't join us, and of course mr ryan tan was not home either...but we managed to have a good time without him. everytime i come back to this place, and spend time with these people, it really truly feels like coming home -- to think that after all this time it still feels like being back in college together, only we're older, wiser [maybe!], and more appreciative of the friendship that we share now that we know what it feels like not to be together in time and space.

it was great to catch up with mr R and mr E and find out what they've been doing with regard to the Raffles Through Train, which is in the process of being created. in particular, mr E's description of the philosophy class that the kids will be doing -- i have my doubts abt making 16yrolds read Kant and Marx. while i stand firm in my opinion that reading the primary source, the original document, is the only way to go, i'm not sure that at 16 years of age the mind is ready to deal with the complexities and just sheet obstinacy of Kant's and Marx's language -- they write like the german philosophers they are, it's terrifying and exhausting! but exhilarating when you finally understand.

but yes. spending time with my old friends from A01A was definitely the highlight of my day -- though alex being home is a close second =) -- because i haven't seen them in so long, and it feels so right to be back together again. yay. i love you guys =)

time for bed, and to nurse the crazy blisters on both feet resulting from vanity combined with new shoes from Charles and Keith. there exists a positive relationship between the prettiness of the shoe, and the amount of pain said pretty shoe inflicts on poor defenceless foot. Charlie's Angels II tomorrow!


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