Monday, July 28, 2003

wow, what a mess. i come back to chicago after a long and exhausting flight, unwilling to leave, really, to find that the promised job did not materialise -- we got our dates mixed up, my boss and i, and they were expecting me on June 28th when i'd clearly said July 28th. -sigh- so right now my life is in limbo and i don't know what's going to happen. hopefully there will be another opening with my prospective boss, but otherwise...who knows. i feel really crappy about putting him through all this trouble. =(

on a much happier note, i went swing dancing up at Studio X last night -- it was the last Studio X of the summer! now i'd never been to Studio X before, always been sort of too lazy to get my butt up to the north side, but i'm really glad that Jan dragged me last night. [literally: he called at a quarter to nine and proceeded to talk, argue, and basically twist my arm into going with. kudos to Jan for his tenacity.] it was a blast! i'd forgotten -- i always forget -- how much fun it is to dance, and watch people dance, and listen to music in a dimly-lit room with a cool floor. i've lost a lot of my ability to follow -- the ability to switch my mind off, for one thing, which means i anticipate too much and usually wind up doing the wrong thing; and i'm no longer able to feel like i can make a start at playing instead of just following -- but hopefully with practice it'll come back faster than if i were learning it for the first time. lindy is so cool! especially when you execute a cool move you didn't know you were going to execute -ah the wonder of being a follow- and you and your partner share this moment of excitement and exuberance and -whoa that was cool- and everything feels just right in the world. that's such a beautiful feeling. things to work on: swingouts, you can never stop working on swingouts; getting back into the zen of following; and twist-twists! my swivels suck - i need to find a doorknob of the right height to practice with. somewhere with no carpet. my whole apartment -minus the kitchen- has carpet. bad for twist-twists.

and of course the dance floor was populated with some pretty awesome people last night, like our very own Sean and Bradley and Katie. i -love- watching Sean dance, he's so smooth and tight and cool, and he does these very very cool spin moves -he dances hollywood- and everything is so small and tight and sweeeeet. he also reminds me of amos, for some reason, it's really quite odd. pity his regular partner wasn't there last night, when they dance together i can't take my eyes off of them. and Bradley and Katie are fantastic too -- i had a great dance with Bradley last night, it was so much fun. now to find the motivation to go dancing at Fizz tomorrow night...i'm broke!

also discovered that Salonica is a great place to have brunch -- the prices are very reasonable and the servings are HUGE. i stuffed myself having brunch with paul yesterday. it was great getting together with pstan and yakking and catching up with what's going on in hyde park and so on -- i've felt very out of it while i was at home in singapore. it's always like that -- chicago fades away to a dream city while i'm home, and then i come here and singapore feels slightly unreal. though not so much this time -- i'm still incredibly homesick -sigh- it's also always really easy to chat with paul, we always have stuff to talk about and it's really generally funness to hang out with him. =)

so: got much accomplished yesterday: i had brunch with pstan; my phone line should be up in the apartment within the next two days or so; i went dancing; i cooked dinner. wow. =)


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