Thursday, August 21, 2003

Computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. All we can do is...

...breathe, and reboot.

i know. i promised another post if i got my DSL working. and i did, all by my lonesome self. =) am quite proud of myself, to be honest -- i just stuck pieces in where they looked like they would fit, stuck the CD in the drive and lo and behold -fast reliable internet access, just like the lady on the phone who took my order said. [we communed over our mutual inability to make anything electronic work, and then she told me that DSL setup was absolutely idiot proof. well, now i believe her. -grins-] for a glorious two hours last night, mostly spent on West Wing and Law and Order, i had a working computer AND fast internet access. heaven.

then disaster struck. after downloading the Windows Updates patches, and installing them, i dutifully told everyone -gotta go, need to reboot, brb- and hit the restart button. my baby then churns through the startup process to 'Setup is updating your configuration files. This may take a few minutes...' and chokes. she Will Not Cycle Past to windows. so of COURSE i flip out, and lose my temper, and swear at microsoft and bill gates for a solid half hour, thoroughly upsetting myself and alex in the process -sheepish- until i run out of energy and start a solid, splitting headache. damn you, microsoft.

i brought her into work this morning and the first thing our tech guy -ken- says is 'you'll probably need to reinstall the operating system', and when i hear things like that i flip out. totally. but he somehow managed to get her to boot in safe mode, and once i rebooted she reverted to normal mode and typical, grouchy, girly laptop behaviour. i backed up my stuff, just to be safe. but she seems to be fine now, whatever was choking her has gone away.

so my life has been rebooted and normal sevice will now resume. =)


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