Sunday, August 24, 2003

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The --

so it's been a really sort of cool day, though it got off to a slow and somewhat rocky start, involving me being an uberbitch and then an indecisive brat who really just wanted to drive ard and do nothing instead of going to a corn festival in Dekalb. anyway, the majority of the day was spent in Woodfield Mall, which a crazy huge mall out in Schaumberg, a good fortyfive minute drive from hyde park. shopping there is amazing, though our main purpose for the drive was to eat at Todai, the japanese restaurant which has a lunch buffet, but our planning -or lack thereof- let us down, and we arrived too late. alas.

but then we came back to hyde park -- and on the spur of the moment, literally on the fly, i wound up having dinner with two of my favourite boys-about-town, one mr paul s. staniland, and one mr eric a. gehrie. we eat at the Star of Siam [yes it is a thai restaurant; we go all the way downtown to eat at a thai restaurant when we could easily have eaten in a similar fashion right here in hyde park. but eric was coming from home, up north.] and then decide to come back to hyde park and hang out at the boys' apartment for a little while. so here we are -- i'm riding shotgun in eric's big white Lexus [thanks pstan, i love riding shotgun] , we're playing rap music, we're sitting at a traffic light waiting to get onto Lake Shore Drive, and right next to us is a small thicket of kawasakis and suzukis, and on board are the usual pack of almost-middle-aged bikers and biker chick girlfriends/wives. though there is this one kawasaki which had just one guy on board -no chick- and it was the most gorgeous kawasaki i have ever seen. anyway -- the light turns green, and the bikes take off -- it's lovely for a second and then they get trapped by the next light, and we pull in front of them in our lane 'cos there're no cars in front of us. and once on Lake Shore, i forget about them, trapped in traffic, and turn my attention to the serious question of whether we should put on the fog lamps. [E: quick, ding ding, should i turn on the fog lamps? J: aren't they annoying as all fuck to other drivers? E: hell yes. J: go for it.]

so we're tooling along Lake Shore, going the legal speed limit because you don't speed on Lake Shore unless you're 'in the mood to get a ticket', and discussing the very presence of police cars on LSD at all times, when the previously mentioned kawasakis come flying by, absolutely flying, and for a long moment i forgot everything i'd ever said against donorcycles and biker-thugs, and want with all my soul to be flying on LSD riding pillion on that beautiful bike. they are going waaaaay over the speed limit, and it's beautiful. then right in our rear mirrors come the flashing blue lights of the Chicago PD, and we're like 'oh you guys are so screwed, this is why speeding on LSD is a badbad idea' -- and the CPD car is simply zooming up toward the bikes and it's alongside, and we're thinking any minute now they're so gonna get pulled over...and the copcar continutes zooming up LSD, leaving the bikes alone. big sigh of relief. so: if you're a biker on a kawasaki going several times the legal speed limit on LSD which is crawling with marked and unmarked CPD cars, you'd better hope that something big is going down somewhere, so that the CPD has bigger fish to fry than to give all of you a massive ticket each.

[of course, as we reach hyde park, there are cop cars everywhere, and we have no idea why. speculation: some big takedown/police office was shot -- because the cop cars were cruising looking for Something/Someone. even the UCPD was in on the act -- joint patrol area.]

so that was kwekkie's exciting saturday evening. =)


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