Monday, September 01, 2003

i have just one thing to say re: my new speakers -- anyone in the market for cheap and excellent speakers, get the Logitech Z-340s, because they will blow your mind. =) my babies are all set up now, i'm blasting Evanescence and revelling in the luxury of a full range of sound from my laptop for the first time in who knows how long, and it is -beyond amazing. they make me so happy -grins-

went on a shopping spree with janice today [yes she is back for a couple of days before taking off to El Salvador for a couple of weeks] to investigate the recently opened Nordstrom's Rack on State [right opposite Fields and Old Navy, two of my favourite stores ever] and of course being sidetracked multiple times along the way. i wound up getting a couple of bottles of lotion from the Rack [mom will be receiving a lavender surprise in a couple of days, courtesy of one courier pigeon, mr vincent], and janice got a pair of cords -- but oh the wonderful stuff it has!!! now i know where to go to get good shampoo -they have Aveda, they have Bumble and Bumble!- and body lotions/bath salts/foot scrubs and oh the SHOES. what can i say. janice and i almost walked out of there with matching knee boots with pointy toes --but janice decided she didn't like the chunky heel, and i decided i didn't need another pair of knee boots, saving us sixty bucks. =) i did however wind up with two new preppy shirts -the horror- from New York and Co, and a bag on discount that is my new cheap doppelganger for the too-expensive Coach denim-and-suede shoulder bag that i refused to buy because -shudder- i don't need it and i can't care for suede in the manner it deserves at this point. so i still have a conscience, and some common sense, when it comes to bags and shoes. thank god. =)

it's been a good weekend thus far -- i guess any weekend in which you can't say you've been home long enough to update your blog is a good weekend -grins- pstan has headed back to the 'burgh for a few weeks, but we had dinner one more time last night, with rachel, which was fun. =) and brunch with janice at Orly's was definitely cool. i like the guy who runs Orly's, who without fail asks me as i come in if i want the 'three gallon bucket of margaritas just like the last time, when you were dancing on the tables' -grins- tomorrow's gonna be a good day to just chill with janice, and read my two Finds for the weeked: a book on libraries [Library by Matthew Battles] picked up at the Sem Co-op [i love that place]; and David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day, courtesy of Rachel, who is on a Sedaris kick.

it's going to be a quiet week ahead -- back to work and silence on tuesday, no dancing since we're closed for the interim, and alex and eunice are off to vietnam for a week. oh well -- quiet time for me and my books --


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