Saturday, August 30, 2003

i have too much time at work. =)

(a) watched most of The Recruit last night. while the movie is not the most scintillating movie ever made, i stand by my comment that Colin Farrell is yummy. he looks like a cross between George Clooney [all my girlfriends know what a HUGE fan i am of Clooney; the man is delectable] with just a touch perhaps of...a darker Ben Affleck? maybe. he pulls off the combination of arrogant-bastard and lost-little-boy to perfection; his character is totally believable - even if the movie's plotline is a little -a lot- contrived and sort of maybe painful. i haven't finished it yet but i'm already expecting lots of twists and turns, and i don't know if i'm going to be more disappointed if they happen or if they don't happen. ah well. it's worth it to see Colin Farrell in CIA-Agent mode.

(b) this is for ms aw =) -- yeah, i agree with your assessment of Wurtzel. she's a self-indulgent writer, and personally i think Bitch wouldn't have gotten published if it weren't for the runaway success of Prozac Nation. while Prozac was worth the read -i really enjoyed it albeit was very depressed by it- i think that her style of writing is not well suited to making arguments that hold water. she runs around from point to point, jumping back and forth within each argument; she uses OTT language, too many commas [something i too am guilty of, but you know what? i don't write like that when it's going to be published rather than stream of consciousness] and waaaay the hell too many examples. it makes me irritated at her, rather than being convinced by her arguments. i like simplicity, i like coherence, i like order in my expository writing/reading.

that said, i know that some of my friends here really like the book, think it's awesome. and perhaps it is good that she gets to vent and have an outlet for her anger that seems to resonate with some women out there. but personally i don't agree with a lot of what she's saying. yes, she makes me very angry with the way the world is out there, the way the world treats women. but she seems to forget that a big problem is that women sabotage other women, women aren't nice to other women, women don't all want the same thing.

reading her chapter on Hilary Clinton, i was, quite frankly, disgusted. what is wrong, precisely, with being a political wife? wurtzel points out that any power Hilary had as First Lady was taken secretly, rather than openly - but that's not really true, in the first place [the First Couple presented themselves as that -a couple working together in the White House], and in any case it is because society doesn't have space in it for a First Lady who holds political power. Hilary, i would argue, made a compelling argument for expanding the position of First Lady [just as Barbara Bush makes a compelling antiargument. you want a real political wife? look at the Bushes] into one that has real ability to make policy changes. she's also reminding us and redefining for us the meaning of the word wife.

when did wife become a bad word? when did marrying someone come to mean you are selling out, you are surrendering to the other side, that you are a traitor to your own kind? does wurtzel imagine that it is somehow easier to be a wife than an investment banker/governor of california/President of the United States? she doesn't seem to respect the fact that Hilary Clinton made a choice -and enjoy the fact that the choice was open to her, that she had two options to choose from. to be fair to wurtzel, when the book was published the Clintons were still in the White House and Hilary had not yet become a Senator. so it seemed to her that Hilary was wasting her talent hiding behind Bill in the Oval Office.

(c) i saw Mars last night, from the telescope on the roof of Ryerson. it was so beautiful, this round, luminous disc pulsing in the lens of the telescope, almost like it was breathing along with me. and the detail! i could see the south pole of Mars, a bright white spot on the edge of the orb, and shadows of the martian 'seas', almost like the surface of the moon. 'twas very cool, and well worth the walk to campus, the pear cider at the Pub with rachel watching the Cubbies lose to St Louis, and the climb up waaay too many stairs to get to the roof. everyone should see it. =)


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