Thursday, August 28, 2003

i revert to my non-feminist, non-angry, three year old self to say:

my speakers have been shipped!! i love Fedex tracker. my speakers are now somewhere in NJ enroute to Chicago, and they will arrive by friday afternoon. jay says they're usually early. sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

on the other hand, my cookbook -which is supposed to take between four and fourteen days, has yet to arrive. so perhaps they will arrive together in a burst of blissful retail gratification, and i will explode and die before janice can get back here to celebrate with me. -grins-

the heat has broken -- it is a cool 24C and falling outside. one of those golden summer evenings meant for long walks by the lake with the breeze blasting your hair back and chilling your skin when in the shade. instead, i'm gonna curl up here and read til dinner and West Wing.

oh, and i got my fall quarter bill today. the number on it is heart-attack-inducing. higher education is not for the faint-hearted indeed.


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