Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I Wish I Had A Sorting Hat

thankfully i am finally done with lists of auto suppliers -- i have been hunting down suppliers to Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Saturn, BMW, Mecedes, Subaru-Isuzu and Autoalliance for the last two days, until my eyes crossed and my fingers cramped, and carpal tunnel threatens...but of course i have been doing this at home [telecommuting, walter called it] so it could have been worse. and the carpal tunnel is therefore my fault and not my bosses -- because at work i have a desktop with a keyboard instead of a laptop. =) who needs mobility in the Fed anyway.

that said, crazy weekend is almost over, and tomorrow it will be back to work for me. [thankfully it will also be back to work for Jay, who has been in new york these past four days, which means i won't have to sit in the silent-as-a-tomb part of the office alone, reading papers and squinting at computer screen] have accomplished nothing that i wanted to do IE clean kitchen and bathroom, grocery shop, read, sleep. this is because every time i have uninterrupted chill-time [other than friday, which was complete chill time, i didn't leave the apartment At All, didn't even unbolt my door] someone calls me up and goes 'jeanette, what are you doing now? wanna go ____?' and i go 'sure, if there's aircon'. so there goes reading and naptime. but on the other hand it meant that i got to have dinner with pstan and eric, and walter and minghao [who has taken off for parts unknown, otherwise known as europe], and brunch with lishan, who has left for singapore. it also struck me that all my girlfriends are not here, and i am hanging out almost exclusively with guys, which might explain why my mood/behaviour has been completely insane lately. i have no one to talk to who understands what i'm saying. [guys just don't speak female. it's a fact of life.] -grins- rachel is coming back tonight, so there'll be at least one chick in hyde park to hang out with --and janice comes back friday. hurry up, before my brain explodes. =)

i'm gonna sit here and feel justifiably proud of myself for finishing the sorting lists, before realising that i haven't done any of the rest of the work Bill left me; and then i am going to go saute beef in wine, and heat up leftover japanese curry [which we made a HUGE pot of last night] for dinner. i suspect there will be curry for many more meals yet. perhaps i should package them into single-serve units and hand them to various guys to eat. [oh wait, pakshun's in mexico, so presumably he didn't starve to death in his apt without ruoxi to make sure he gets fed]

later, everyone. =)

oh, and i have a coffee machine, tons of spices and pastes for cooking, tons of teabags, and a pyrex baking tray courtesy of lishan. wow. =)


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