Friday, August 22, 2003

it is HOT. it is the hottest day of the summer thus far, and when i checked the temps around six pm, it was 36C/in the high 90s in F. we are also experiencing some power outages in scattered parts of the city as everyone starts to turn on their aircons and their fans and opening and closing their fridges as they remove cold coldcold drinks to keep cool. people are collapsing of heatstroke, breaking into fire hydrants and running down kids playing in the water. heat definitely doesn't bring out the goodness/happiness in people. and it seems to want to keep up over the weekend -the weatherman seems to think that we want to avoid stormy weather; can't he get it into his head that rain would be a relief from this heat-and-humidity? -amused-

i have my aircon on though, so i am in fairly good shape. wish us here in the city of chicago good luck!


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