Thursday, August 21, 2003

updating the look of my blog -- decided that the puppies are cutesy and all but a little annoying after all this time. so here's to a new, plain, sober look to my blog. and if blogger continues to give me flak, trouble or no trouble i am migrating to LJ. the features at LJ -like the comments boards- appeal to me tremendously. imagine being able to (a) post what kind of music i am currently listening to [nothing; i am at the office after all] and (b) what mood i'm in by pulling down a menu or filling in a form. whew. before i forget, will someone whose blog entries have titles please let me know how it's done? -looking at adrian-

been listening to the soundtrack of 10 Things I Hate About You repeatedly over the last few days -- need the thumping cheerfulness of I Want You To Want Me to get my lazy ass out of bed, followed rapidly by putting Even Angels Fall and Your Winter on repeat play to make sure i start the day with them ringing in my skull. singing along at top volume while getting ready for work is one sure-fire way to ensure i'm late for the bus and have to leg it along 55th St to make sure i get to work reasonably on time. [before jay i mean. that's reasonably on time enough for me] in the meantime am loaded down with tons of pleasure reading -ain't that funny? 'loaded down with pleasure reading'- which i purchased over the weekend in lieu of a new Coach bag that i didn't really need but fell instantly in love with from afar. a visceral kind of desire, which i should not indulge, since i am very poor and feel guilty spending money on suede bags with leather straps. on my reading list for the week: that new Da Vinci Code thing; a book abt the guys who translated for and put together the King James Bible; a foodie's memoir; and random cookbooks -i told you i was turning domestic. this on top of several other novels, and some rereading i am going to have to do sometime, like Gaiman's American Gods [i own an autographed copy! i heard him read! hah!] and Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals.

that's it from me in the office today, but expect another post later if i get my DSL up and running. i've got my fingers crossed that even tech-idiot me can get it to seems simple enough. not. we'll see what happens in a few hours, after i struggle with finding something i feel like eating for dinner [no, not another slice of Better Than Sex cake, i promise; it'll be something real, like a PBJ bagel or something], reward myself with West Wing and Law and Order, and settled down to tackle the problem of installation. whew.


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