Friday, September 19, 2003

all time best line from When Harry Met Sally: Sally says, on board aircraft, to Harry, "You look like a normal person, but you're really the angel of death."

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promised update --

the ball game was fantastic as always. -grins- anyone who tells you that baseball is boring has clearly never been to a game in a ballpark as amazing as wrigley field. when you've been to a ballgame and heard the crowd baying its support for the home team: the screams of 'go! go! go!!!' as we watch a potential home run soar out toward the stands beyond second base; the collective moan of disappointment as it falls short; the chanting and booing and just the incredible atmosphere of Being There and supporting your team -the Cubbies-; the final pitch of the game when everyone is insanely on edge and the stands erupting with the umpire's declaring of a third strike that seals the Cubbies' victory over the Mets...who could call this game boring? and there's the additional bonus of how the field is even more green under the lights of the ballpark, the evening light fading into darkness, the sheer intensity of the closeness of the diamond -- and who could forget the wonderful taste of a hot dog smothered in everything yummy, and a soda, and a frozen smoothie on a roasting hot night?

* * * * *

much has been accomplished today: i got myself a new short skirt, and i now have knee boots -a birthday present -grins-, and cute butterfly earrings from Old Navy. and alex has bed linens for his dorm room. very important, as we all know. we've been doing things like opening bank accounts and settling bills with the Bursar, things that are incidental to the beginning of a new school year here at the U of C. the firstyears are starting to arrive -we ran into a bunch of them as we were heading back to hyde park this afternoon from downtown- and come saturday we shall once more be overrun...


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