Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Cooking is one of the pleasures of life

recipe for risotto:

aborio rice
lots of chicken stock
italian sausage
chicken -thigh meat, preferably
lots of mushroom
lots of onion, garlic

fry onion lightly in olive oil, add mushrooms and garlic, add stock when mushrooms have started to reduce. after onions reduce slightly, add rice and stir-fry until rice is coated lightly with oil. add chicken stock to barely cover rice and reduce heat to a simmer. as rice absorbs chicken stock, add more to keep rice moist. while standing over stove stirring, add half the portion of italian sausage. in separate pan, on medium-high heat, stir fry italian sausage to render the fat then add partially cooked sausage to risotto. continue to simmer risotto while frying chicken in sausage fat, then add mostly-cooked chicken to risotto. continue to add stock as necessary until rice becomes slightly translucent and sticky, then cook remaining stock off and serve.

it is SO good. beef stew tonight, so more details later. =) also, Cubs play the Braves this evening in the national league playoffs...


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