Friday, September 05, 2003


performed the blogwalk again yesterday, and found zhen's blog off of shiyao's at might switch there too -- i think i like the idea of community blogs, maybe i'll set one up for the wormz. who knows. anyways, zhen had a link to Stuart Hughes's blog: Hughes is a BBC producer who was in iraq, stepped on a land mine and lost his right leg below the knee. been reading his blog, am greatly refreshed by his sense of humour and his -brit-ness-. take a look for yourself. [if jay throws that pen over the cubicle wall it will be WWIII in here -- for the scant half hour left of my work day...]

have been thinking more about the road trip today -boredom/lack of work to do will facilitate that sort of day-dreaming- and have realised that although the idea of driving makes me fairly -ok extremely- nervous, since i haven't been back behind the wheel since our accident in new orleans during spring break, i'm also kind of looking forward to being back behind the wheel. it's like finally checking under the bed or in the closet to make sure there's no bogeyman, like turning on the lights and pulling back the shower curtain to make sure there's no Alien hiding waiting to eat me. i'm looking forward to driving on rural highways in the barely-lit atmosphere of the early morning, heading toward one of my favourite cities in the world to spend a few days with ying. and shop in zara for a fall coat, among other things. let's hope -and continue to hope- that we make it there in one piece, in that nice car of sean's.

in the meantime i will return to my apartment and investigate the contents of my music collection. need to find things that will travel well, not put me to sleep while behind the wheel, and as a bonus, will annoy the fuck out of everyone else in the car at the same time so i won't have to drive as the only awake person [walter has promised to stay awake while i'm driving though]. right now my musical playlist extends to: evanescence, norah jones, and madonna on repeat play. admittedly that would drive me insane after a while, so i think i'll have to find something else to go with. maybe tomorrow after work i'll go to the CD store on the corner of jackson and state that seems to be perpetually on sale/attached to DePaul university, and see if i can't find some stuff that i want to listen to, and won't drive the others crazy/put them to sleep [not necessarily mutually exclusive].


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