Friday, September 05, 2003

i hate blogger --

it just ate my post. my nice long post re: dirty dancing the movie, and then dancing in general. -sigh- and i can't find the words to do it again, so in brief --

You broke my heart
'cos i couldn't dance
you didn't even want me around
and now i'm back
to let you know
i can really shake 'em down

it is a great, awesome, wonderful movie with a really really hot Patrick Swayze. everyone should learn to dance like that -grins- although i fear that it is impossible for me to ever get my hips to MOVE like that [perhaps if i wore the right heels...] and i will never be as thin as the dancers/actresses on screen. -grins- who cares? dancing is the best -it's like flying, it's like being on top of the world...when your partner knows precisely what to lead for the music and you know what your partner wants you to do -- it's the one space in the world where i -want- to be told what to do, i -want- to be led, and i will gladly obey. -grins- that's a rare space, i think my partners take advantage of it! -laughing- the words 'no i can't' don't seem to mean anything to them - salsa for the first time, weird spins -double, triple free spins, unlimited tuck turns...=) now to learn to do them in heels...=)

and it has a fantastic soundtrack -- She's Like The Wind performed by none other than patrick swayze himself, and of COURSE the RJ raindance song, Do You Love Me -grinning- it's fantabulous. perhaps it will be suitable for roadtrip music [i think pakshun might kill me/kill himself -laughing-]

but for now, i am going to retire with my new pile of Anne Carsons, courtesy of Walter who got them out of the Reg for me; and my unfinished Vogue and Library. but i guess i'm not going to get much reading done this weekend. -grins- roll on new york!


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