Tuesday, September 02, 2003

If I Had A Hammer...

i have a new bookshelf courtesy of Ikea's Billy series, Walter's goodnatured shopping for me/carrying the unassembled bookshelf to my apartment, and the combination of my hammer, my screwdriver, and my brute strength [clearly very little of that was required]. yes, i can assemble my own furniture, in fact i assembled almost all of my bedroom with no help from anyone -- the sole exception being the bedframe, because that was such a bitch. it took three of us most of an afternoon, lots of swearing, and the help of an electric screwdriver, but when we were done it was beautiful. Billy, in comparison, took a paltry half hour [it would have taken less if i hadn't screwed something up and had to come up with creative ways to correct my mistake]. so now none of my books have to live on the floor/in the milkcrate that i am in unlawful possession of. -grins- i also reorganised large sections of my closet, which means i need to get a storage box that fits under my bed =) to hold my various huge bags which are now hiding there.

it's raining outside [someone just told me in the lift that it rains one out of three Labour Days] and has been raining for a solid 24 hours. the clouds are currently moving over hyde park, like huge featherbeds or perhaps upside-down sheep, and with luck they will continue westward until they no longer dump their water on us. it's cold. [i have been living in the sweatshirt pilfered from pstan because it keeps the rain off of me.] despite the rain, we went out to breakfast this morning at Toast -- janice called me at seventhirty AM, bright and chirpy, while i'm bleary and confused ['why is my alarm ringing? my alarm doesn't ring...it's the phone! phone! outside...'] to ask if i want to go to the north side for breakfast. so i get my ass in gear, and we trundle up to Toast. we being janice walter amy and i. it was amazing -- the french toast was perfectly done, the eggs benedict made me drool, and the crepes with nutella and nuts were so good i wanted to cry. like eating Rochers, only better, because they're warm, while the rain pours down the windows. the kind of morning that newspapers and coffee were invented for, and the bliss of knowing that you don't have anything to do and anywhere to be. we ate until we were stuffed and then some -- it's seven and i'm still not hungry!

but soon the time will come to return to janice's apartment and have a microwave dinner in front of the TV. we're in a -just chill- mood today.


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