Friday, September 12, 2003

i'm back! =) after an interminably long ride in the car, i am back in chicago safe and sound, with lots of pictures and memories of speeding along at >80 mph in the middle of the night in the middle of f***ing nowhere, pennsylvania. -grins- it was a great road trip -thanks guys!- i got to see ying in new york, a great combination by all means, and i love spending time with ying anywhere; i got to see alvin! and yale for the first time; and i actually left illinois in a mode of transport that had its wheels on the ground at all times. i got to SEE indiana, and ohio, and penn, and all kinds of interesting things along the way. road trips are cool. that said, road trips are also exhausting, and i wasn't even the one driving. =(

highlights of the trip:

seeing the Intrepid Air-Sea-Space Museum in NYC. the Intrepid is a decommissioned aircraft carrier which now houses the navy museum, and along with the Intrepid there is a destroyer on display, and a submarine, the Growler, who is the predecessor of today's nuclear subs. tres cool. wandering around on the flight deck/in the hangar below deck while NOT sick as a dog, i realised that the Intrepid is every bit as cool as i remember in my fever-hazed memories, and then some. plus it was entertaining climbing ard on board with the guys - i still have my ability to run up and down those insanely steep stairs/ladders on board without breaking anything or falling off!

new york chinatown/soho: shopping in soho was fun though i wound up buying almost nothing -a fall coat and some earrings! my prize is, however, getting ying to buy a cool dress for seven-fifty and having her constantly complimented on it. -grins- i have good taste, what can i say. -wink- the food in chinatown remains as good as ever, and the key element it has that our chinatown doesn't: wet markets. wow. =) it's also fun to see that every time we go to new york chinatown has gotten is slowly but surely executing a pincer movement on little italy, and in time to come little italy will either be completely consumed by chinatown or, as walter suggests, it will remain 'little italy', but with all the shops owned by chinese businessmen. -laughing-

visting alvin: i always forget how much i miss the 1A people until i get to hang out with them for a while, then have to leave. man that sucks. but i had a great time seeing the sights in new haven -thanks for being tour guide, alvin!- and seeing alvin's bachelor pad -grinning- which is cooler than my apartment, and seeing yale. [i am mentally picturing my old hamster, now deceased, named for this Ivy League school] you 1A people in the US -yes, ryan, i'm talking to YOU- need to come and visit janice and i at thanksgiving, ok?

and of course, the US Airforce Museum in Ohio. who can forget that? =) wandering around huge hangars full of airplanes from the ones the Wright brothers first flew to the new 'concept planes' of the twenty-first century. i'm not a HUGE airplane fan, but even i was greatly entertained by the exhibits there. [i'm not a huge technology/machines person. to me the armed forces have always been about the people who are in it, not the toys that are available for us to play with. the exhibits abt people who have lost their lives above and beyond the call of duty, for example, or the pioneers of flight in the army signals corp, before the airforce was formed. those are the ones that really interest me.]

still, all said it's good to be back in the apartment, settling in, doing some clearing up and cleaning and stocking up of the fridge. tonight janice comes back; tomorrow alex will be here!


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