Thursday, September 11, 2003

in the library at yale now, sitting next to alvin who is checking his email. =) it's been an interesting visit here -we're breaking our journey [by which i mean driving in the wrong direction for an hour or so] to visit a bunch of friends who go to this preppy pretty school. -grins- i keep assuring alvin that everyone here is much hotter than the kids who go to the U of C. even hotter than the kids who go to columbia -sorry ying. =)

getting here was a pretty huge hassle --note to self: do not under any circumstances attempt to drive up and down manhattan during rush hour on a weekday; do not attempt to use the bridges; be prepared for long delays heading toward Connecticut, because there is no avoiding them. unless you take the train, which would have been a better idea but would have entailed leaving the car in manhattan untended. so perhaps not -- it took us several hours more than anticipated. but still, we got here in the end, and i've been hanging out with alvin. his 'bachelor pad' is most impressive -- i'm jealous, he has a deck...but what would i do with a deck in chicago, where it would be useless nine months of the year...

gotta go. more from chicago =)


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