Saturday, September 27, 2003

Madness and Mayhem

Reynolds Club Dance Party during O-week = bad luck for jeanette. although i had a reasonably good time dancing around to music on a Crowded dance floor with random weird firstyears, at the end of the evening getting ready to go home i discover, to my horror, that my purse -my MANGO BAG!- was gone. stolen. with my keys, cellphone, and ID wallet in it. oh, and a favourite scrunchie, without which i can't do a ballerina bun. all i can say is, if i ever get my hands on the bastard who stole it, kicking him in the balls with my pointy-toed knee high boots is the kindest thing i am going to do to him. papercuts in sensitive places running a close second for kindest thing. =) [unless it is a girl, in which case i'll have to find some other place to kick.]

so i rise into zen-calm mode, call to cancel debit cards, report missing bag, cancel cellphone yaddayadda...the worst part was being unable to get back into my apartment. that sucked. though it worked out in the end -rachel let me stay over at her place, and in the morning spare keys were procured from the building management, and i was let back in. whew. so i have spent the last couple of days running around like an insane chicken replacing stuff --i have yet to make the official chicago PD report of the missing DL so i can get it replaced, but all the PDs are in sketchy-ass neighbourhoods [surprise surprise] so i'm waiting til i can get a ride there. =( everything else is back on track.

much easier and more calm than losing my wallet in the Tube spring break my first year. losing all cards and ID when you are in a foreign country and not going home to singapore anytime soon, plus worrying about it while trying to get back to another foreign country? nervous-breakdown-inducing. =) so that is what i have been up to since going shopping with hanyann on tuesday. yeah.

and especially for Adrian: dude! where are you? i haven't seen you online in ages. it is sad. i too would like some face-time with you -well as close to face-time as you can get with the internet -grins- so...let's get our act together soon ok? hope you and the other half [shouldn't she be the better half? -cheeky grin-] are doing well!


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