Thursday, September 04, 2003

my copy of september's Vogue arrived in the mail today and it is the size of a small novel. in fact, considering the amt of paper involved, it is the size of a LARGE novel. -grins- fifty percent of it is, as the guys have astutely and repeatedly pointed out, advertising. but oh what gorgeous advertising. how else am i supposed to know that the fall season's chanel suits have -get this- ribbon-ties in the front, along with that cool leather piping i fell in love with on the bebe suits [which i only love because they remind me of chanel], in the same it-material for the fall -tweed. yes i am being girly and silly but man, reading fashion mags always does this to me - turns my brain to mush and makes my taitai/high-maintenance-girlfriend aspirations come to the fore -grins-

tomorrow is my second-last day at the Fed -- friday afternoon i turn in my pass to the Bank. and saturday we're going on The Trip!

correction: chanel's suits this season don't have the leather piping [maybe that was last season]. i'm just making it up in my head because i love the leather piping but i love chanel's suits.


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