Monday, September 08, 2003

New York, New York

never am i more constantly aware of and appreciative of the wonders of modern technology [read: portability of internet functions] than when i am away from my computer, and continue to be able to keep in touch with the world. i guess, in this day and age, connectability and contactability are paramount in our relationships with the rest of the world -- the world that constitutes our 'reality', as it were. it means that i can talk to alex and my parents while i am here in new york, just as well as i could from chicago [not very -grins- but hey, email works just fine]; i can check my email via webmail; i call people using my cellphone with its national plan -grins- and so forth. i like it.

i also like new york in the fall. =) the drive here was long but it was also worth it -grins- i quite enjoyed the drive, to be honest -- as long as i wasn't behind the wheel, which was most of the drive, and riding shotgun -- it was pretty fun to be zooming along, no other cars on the road, just enough light to see the road stretching out in front like a never ending ribbon, or peering through the fog in penn, climbing toward philly -- zooming past the 'burgh in the night and wondering if paul would be awake if i called and said -hey, we're in the neighbourhood right now- =) watching the stars stationary above the car, bright and clear, the familiar shapes of orion and nameless, barely recognised other constellations for once apparent before my eyes. the baby stars of night that are only visible when you are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by blackness and fields and no other human beings for miles -- except the half-asleep truck driver hauling his trailer to god-knows-where driving along in front of you. but i digress.

we didn't quite make it to ikea like we wanted to yesterday [decided, on the spur of the moment, in a sketchy-as-hell store in harlem] but settled for Bed Bath and Beyond instead -- wound up buying nothing, although ying scored a pair of pretty, and extremely funky, earrings in Filene's. [damn my silver allergies; i wish they would clear up so i wouldn't have to worry about the metallurgical content of my earring-posts] had risotto at a cafe place in west village for dinner - it was amazing risotto preceded by a beautiful salad that pleased ying greatly, because she didn't have the chance to try this salad while in tuscany. the food was wonderful, the company amazing, the waiter cute and attentive -- what more could a girl ask? gelato, of course. and gelato was had, in due course, in a small hole-in-the-wall shop that makes the most delicious chocolate sorbet known to man. =) so it was a good evening, all round. i crashed out at ard eleven, long before ying made it to bed.

the plan for today? yum cha in chinatown at lunchtime, shopping in soho, grocery shopping in chinatown - then who knows? dinner of some form with yisheng. more later --


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