Thursday, September 04, 2003

Road Trip

heading to the coast this weekend. was going to work til next week, but got a better offer from walter yesterday -- we are driving to new york for a few days, with boston a possible option, and then spending a day or so in Yale. hopefully i will be able to get in touch with alvin and hang out with him while at yale, we'll see. boston is tempting, but i'm not sure the temptation can compete with spending a few days in my beloved new york with ying, shopping and walking around in central park, eating, that sort of good stuff that always happens in new york. i could spend hours in the Strand alone, forget the rest of new york. and there's zara, always always zara, the only zara in the entire continental united states. wow. =) the plan thus far as follows: leave for new york saturday night, arrive sometime on sunday, stay in new york for a few days til wednesday sometime [with a sidetrack to boston for those so inclined a distinct possibility; i don't think the boys are as enamoured of the shopping potential of new york as i am -i am the token female on this little jaunt, in a car full of boys] whereupon we decamp to yale for an overnight visit, then drive home on thursday to arrive thursday night late/early friday morning back in chicago. just in time for me to put stuff away, clean up the apartment, and prepare to pick alex up at the airport saturday afternoon.

tonight will be spent cooking and eating at walter's dinner party to celebrate his turning a quarter of a century old, and then bedtime -- this old girl needs her sleep, and for some reason i am exhausted today. falling asleep at work, prompting jay to try and steal my rootbeer leftover from our excursion to Oktoberfest with our boss this afternoon for lunch. yay for berghoff's rootbeer/beer and bratwurts [i stick my tongue out at purists who insist on eating their brats with nothing but sauerkraut; i don't like sauerkraut, so i picked mine off, and had my brat american-style --with ketchup and mustard. i've always treated brats like high-class hotdogs anyway] outdoors, even if the temps are starting to drop somewhat...the sun is still shining but it doesn't have the ability to bake upon contact like it did when i started work here four/five weeks ago. =)

in the meantime i continue to contemplate spending massive amounts of money on new books that i won't have time to read but will pretend to be able to anyway -- like dan simmons's Illium, which sounds fabulous, as does the Hyperion trilogy [i know i've seen the title before, and as it turns out, i have -- it's the name of a publishing house too] by the same; trying also to get some Anne Carson out of the Reg - Plainwater and Economy of the Unlost. am still in the thick of reading Library: it's quite quite absorbing [but people give me weird looks on the bus] and makes me realise all over again that i wish i were getting a classical education. -grins- i really am born in the wrong country, in the wrong era. [though perhaps not as much so as gail -waves-]

Guys: your MCP roots are showing, better cover them up or you're never gonna get any...-grinning at ryan and adrian- learn from alvin -who has inexplicably fallen off the face of the earth. alvin! call me/reply to my msg on icq! =)


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