Wednesday, September 24, 2003


i have made two discoveries today:

(1) hanyann really dislikes shopping unless she has a PURPOSE like buying interview clothes, and then she is a fiend [we did a solid five or six hours today!]. and she and i can buy clothes from the same places -- Express, or New York and Co...

(2) i really like New York and Co. they have clothes that fit me -- shirts, pants, you name it, they make it in a size and shape i can wear. and that size mostly happens to be XS. what an ego booster THAT is! mom would love this place, it makes pants in an amazing and flattering cut with good material for an insanely cheap price. and the shirts! the tailored shirts! i am in preppy heaven. now to convince myself that i can indeed pull off the preppy look...

so that was my day =) Oweek is awesome for all of us returning students who don't have to do anything in particular for oweek. -grinning- it means hanyann and i can go shopping after seeing her doctor [she has pneumonia!] and buy lots of stuff, and then pretend that it's all because we need clothes to wear to schoo...i mean to interviews. -grin- and eat lots of food. food is always good. =) Chipotle! the only thing missing is a moonshake..i mean a milkshake from Moonstruck. that's what they should call them.

anyways. it's been a long and productive day, and my closet needs some serious rearranging before school starts...time to go. =)


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