Monday, September 29, 2003

We Are The Champions

the Cubbies are Division Champions! we are going to the playoffs!

after being rained out on friday, the Cubbies played the Pirates in a sellout double-header on saturday, and by sweeping the Pirates earned themselves the division title -first time in more than a decade!- and we are Going To The Playoffs!! we play the Braves on tuesday.

so maybe this year is the year we go to the World Series.

in other news, school starts today for University of Chicago undergrads, and it's full speed ahead from the word go for us. a sample: my schedule -- MWF 0930-1020 PLSC 285 Organisational Decision Making 1030-1120 MUSI 151 Harmony and Voiceleading. MW 1330-1450 PLSC 215 World History 1914-1945. TuTh 1030-1150 PLSC 290 Intro to IR. and random other sections along the way for a bunch of these classes. i can't wait!

yes i am a U of C geek. =)


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