Sunday, September 07, 2003

we're off to see the wizard

last day of work was yesterday, but thanks to blogger going down yet AGAIN i couldn't post last night. so here's my sort-of-wistful wrapping up of the internship. i can't say i did all that much =) but it was pretty exciting getting to hang out at the Fed -- the informality of the research department -and- their attitude toward the intern program -grins- not that inspiring of confidence in the central bank's predictive abilities, but fun and educational nonetheless. and who can forget hanging out with tyler and jay and erik [for some reason i'm the only female intern in our half of the office. hmm.] who -as i have just found out- is a frat boy at the U of C. i shall constantly give him grief about it now. -evil- but now it's over, i've turned in visitor pass number 001 for the last time, and i get another three weeks of break to enjoy just being in chicago in the fall.

of course, i proceed to take off to new york. we are leaving in...twenty minutes, from hyde park, and i'm supposed to drive from the gas stop in Indiana to wherever we are having dinner. i am nervous but i am sure we will survive. cross your fingers for me. in the meantime, it's over and out from chicago -- perhaps an update in new york; if not, then more from me on friday, when we return --


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