Monday, September 22, 2003

Zen Chicken

excerpts from the O-week edition of the Chicago Maroon, on Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold:

...But also because they are a stunning example of 'the Life of the Mind' gone wrong. You'll read Nietzsche in your Soc class (if you haven't already, ya big poindexter), and you'll read Hobbes and Plato and Marx and Machiavelli and all those guys, whose ideas about society and morality are important even today, or we wouldn't be reading them. And you'll leave with your own interpretation, coloured by those of your professors and TAs, of course, and perhaps you will incorporate what you have read into your everyday life -up to a point, at least, since it's unlikely that your own little Leviathan will become more real than a society of your X-Men action figures. But perhaps there's a dash of danger in this whole Great Books business. We read and read with the impression that we are becoming smarter and smarter, and we distance ourselves farther and farther from the rest of the world until we float off into the sky like helium balloons and say, "Ha! I am the superman!" And then we get too close to the sun like Icarus and fall and fall, until we land in a solitary confinement cell in Joliet.

investigate the Maroon online; the O-week edition is always great for laughs, esp for the upperclassmen -grins-

O-week is now in full swing -placement tests galore, CLMs, PE and swim tests [though it appears that the firstyears might have the good luck to take swim tests in the spanking new Ratner pool, instead of the dinky little bathtub-pool in the extremely chlorinated basement of Ida] abound for the newest members of the U of C. it is strange to have firstyears wandering around lost/well dressed/lost. soon this will all change, and life will resume its normal state here in Hyde Park. O-week has the effect of making us feel old -rachel and i were walking home after watching the Walk -where parents are separated from offspring after Convocation, and OAides walk around armed with boxes of Kleenex and have to form a solid blockade to prevent weeping mothers from walking into the Class of '07 photo with their children- and discussing how we feel old when we see the firstyears. she's a senior graduating in the winter! and i'm a third year [when did THAT happen??]...

the joys of being an upperclassman at the U of C.


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