Sunday, October 05, 2003

Bend It Like Beckham

just back from the late late showing of Bend It Like Beckham with Liza Lili Hanyann Claire Paul and Lauren, and it was a blast. the movie was great - i was laughing, i was crying, i was laughing again -- and i could totally empathise with the main character, Jess, about the doing what you want to do vs doing what your parents want you to do, though thankfully my parents have NEVER been that hard on me. frankly, all the main characters were really well done, the supporting actors did a great job: everyone deserves plenty of kudos for making an eminently watchable movie that deals -sometimes a little heavy-handedly, but effectively nonetheless- with a whole bunch of issues surrounding being an alien in your adopted homeland, dealing with culture clashes and changes between generations -- and ultimately, about being your own person in your own time. =)

that said, however: i have seen the most beautiful man alive. Jonathan Rhys Myers did a wonderful job playing the coach/love interest of Jess -our main character- named Joe, but other than the acting, Oh My God the man is HOT. all my guy friends who read this are now going to laugh at me, but at this point i don't really care. -grins- the one scene where he shows up at her place, her sister opens the door and we get the full on look at him all spiffed up to try and talk to parents into letting her play? yeah. -hyperventilate- i swear, when he flashed onto to screen, the three girls sitting in a row just gasped. it was blindingly beautiful. -grinning- i'm done being girly now.

so the movie was a great success -Thanks Doc Films!- and dinner was fun...but prior to the dinner and the movie, disaster struck. the Cubbies -who were doing so well!- lost Game Four 6-3 to the Braves. on home ground! it was a heartbreaker of a game: we are at the bottom of the ninth, two outs, one man on second, Sammy Sosa at bat. it's full count. it's the stuff dreams, movies, legends are made of. we NEED this homer, we want it -sammy wants it- so badly we can taste it. we could tie it up with one big hit, we could go on to win. Game Five could become a wistful dream for the Braves. the pitch comes, and Sammy swings and connects, with a solid, beautiful crack. the ball sails toward left field, Sammy does his little 'home run hop', and the cameras follow the floating ball into the night sky. everyone in Wrigley is screaming at the ball, as if it would change anything -'Go! Go! Go!'. at home, staring at the TV screen, screaming 'Go! Go!' with the crowd and shrieking in horror as the ball starts to fall out of the sky too early, too short. the crowd is still screaming, but now it is for the outfielder to drop the ball, to somehow fumble the catch, to keep our inning alive...but the ball drops neatly into his glove, and the game is over.

but we'll get 'em tomorrow, Cubbies. Game Five. 'Next Year Is Finally Here'


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