Tuesday, October 21, 2003

First-Species Counterpoint...For Dummies

Rule 1: Only consonant intervals may be used. That is, you must use only the: third, fifth, sixth, octave and unison. NO FOURTHS.

Rule 2: Begin and end your counterpoint on scale degree 1. End with a cadence: both voices moving in opposite direction toward scale degree 1 on the last note.

Rule 3: Never move from one perfect interval to another perfect interval of the same size. [Parallel perfect intervals are forbidden.]

Rule 4: Do not move two voices to a perfect interval by using similar motion.

Note to self: writing counterpoint while having Italian opera stuck in your head is a really bad idea. it makes things much harder.

and why the hell are fourths forbidden in first-species counterpoint? boooo. Fourths = good. i like the way they sound. how are they dissonant? if you were on crack maybe. but if you were on crack you would like augmented seconds and the dreaded tritone too. blah.

motet has moved into super-rehearsal mode for our concert on saturday, and i spend a lot of time being exhausted. i am also still incapable of holding the B natural above high C for the required 8 counts at the end of our operatic performance, although my god, i can hit it. at FFF. i guess opera is starting to grow on me.

clearly, however, i am too exhausted at this point to do anything but grumble and fret at the restrictive rules of counterpoint, and wander off to bed -perhaps after doing some more polisci reading. Simon's Limited Problem Solver, here i come!


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