Monday, October 20, 2003

first things first:

Happy 21st Birthday Eunice and Charles!

i think that i can just squeeze that in under the wire. yes, i know that it's already tomorrow where charles is, and in fact, it's already tomorrow where eun is too. but here in chicago it is still the 19th and therefore technically still their birthday. hah!

talked to eun earlier today, once my phone call decided to go through [we left an earlier voicemail while sitting in salonica's for breakfast: janice jeanette and alex singing very loudly into jeanette's cellphone 'Happy Birthday to EEEEUUUUNNNIIICCCEEEE!' and hopefully not annoying the fuck out of everyone in earshot], and she complained that my blog has been unreadable lately because it is full of Cubs vs Marlins tears and joy. so here's an entry entirely for eunice =) [also: the Cubs are no longer in their post-season, or rather it ended on a sorry Game Seven defeat that broke Chicago's heart]

busybusy weekend, but one of The Highlights of the weekend was Blues and Ribs on friday night. though even before that: i was at a University of Chicago Presents concert featuring La Vexiana doing madrigals in latin and italian, and it was amazing. i want to sing with a male alto [or perhaps countertenor would be a better term for him] because the control and the blend is absolutely amazing. and the soprano -the only female on stage- had a lovely warm voice even up in the high range, with wonderful interpretation and dynamics and all the pretty decorative shaping that is lacking all too often in performance of old pieces. it made me happy. very happy. i want to sing like her. hmm. =)

but. Blues and Ribs. the food was pretty good, although the quality of the ribs tends to fall when mass produced. can't complain about the always-excellent Popeye's chicken though. and the MUSIC =) dancing in Cloister in Ida is always kind of iffy - sometimes it is amazing and sometimes it is crappy depending on (a) which part of the newly polished floor you are on and (b) if anyone has dropped anything sticky on it in the last twenty minutes when there is a function on. but on friday night, it was beautiful. live blues band on the stage, and after a while a whole flood of good leads appearing. even isaac, who has been missing in action because -gasp- he has a part in the cabaret. how weird is that. anyways, i got in a good dance with him: just as i stepped onto the floor with him, having stolen -or reclaimed- him from zhi'an, the band switched from their frantically paced music to a speed PERFECT for dancing with him - slow and bluesy but fast enough to actually do lindy moves as well. and oh my twist-twists! for some reason i can only really SWIVEL with certain leads, and isaac is certainly one of those leads. -grins- hanyann would've been proud of my pepper-grinder hips, if she had seen them -she was off dancing with someone else, of course. =) but it was a beautiful dance. i had a whole bunch of great dances that night, including one with leonard -i used to be afraid of dancing with him because he is good, but now i relish the chance: i always always learn something. and i get to play a little more with the music. yay! playing with the music is something i need to work on more and more...and alex is learning to lindy! yay =) it is all kinds of fun. another lead to dance with!

lots more to say but so little energy to say it with thanks to (a) Motet rehearsals taking over life; (b) Citylights Chicago attempting to claim whatever is left of life; (c) pitiful attempts to write another paper this week for Padgett's Org Dec-Making class, which entails doing a shitload of reading by wednesday night, none of which i have started and (d) coming down with/threatening to come down with The Plague otherwise known as the dreaded Flu. hopefully this will not happen before saturday, when Motet has its first concert of the year, participating in the Halloween concert with the Orchestra. we must get dressed up. i think i am going as a japanese schoolgirl. if i can find some way to make my hair behave like your typical anime character's =)


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