Saturday, October 25, 2003

I like coffee
I like tea
I like the Java Jive
And it likes me

how is it that my first Java Jive of the year is in FOURTH week? this shouldn't be allowed to happen. i had a blast tonight -like i almost always do at Java Jive- and i'm really looking forward to next week, when Yoko will come with her band to play at our Halloween dance. gotta come up with some kind of costume i can dance in. isaac -one of my favourite dance partners- is coming in some sort of suit. that'll be all kinds of fun, i imagine. -grins-

dinner was also good: had a bunch of ex and current Mathewsniks over for dinner at my place, and made pasta with red peppers, mushrooms and italian sausage in a tomato sauce. easy and good. red peppers are the best, they taste so sweet once you cook them in olive oil...=) mmmm. and rachel brought stuffed clams, and pstan a huge-ass bottle of cheap white wine, which the six of us happily polished off, some of us more happily than others. -grins- it's been a good evening.

tomorrow i start work on the timeline/paper thing that's due next week in Lipson's World Politics class. basically i'm working on writing a paper reviewing various historical viewpoints on an event or series of events from the early part of the twentieth century, and i've decided to write -or try to write- a paper on the Japanese war in the Pacific. so i have to go hunt down sources from within Japan, within the Allied nations, and also from within the occupied Southeast Asian nations in WWII, of which singapore is one, and decide on what i want to focus on. there're two ways i can go abt it:

(1) historians and writers who were writing about the war DURING the war period. so i could use propaganda from both sides and the resistance movements from within the occupied nations as a way to looking at the War; or

(2) the post-war historians who were and still are writing after the war, trying to make sense of Japanese actions and motivations during WWII. in particular it's interesting to look at how Japanese official history views the war; how laymen view the war, that kind of thing. in contrast with what i know to be almost virulent anti-japanese sentiment in the generation that survived through the war when singapore was occupied. people like my grandmother.

i think ultimately it's going to come down to how much source material i can find for each option. so it's To The Reg for me tomorrow morning, after i brunch with mr staniland in BJ [for old times's sake] and hit up Crerar for next week's Organisational readings. woohoo! all dressed up too, because -drumroll- tomorrow night is Halloween Concert night. yay for Boito and holding high B-naturals! =)


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