Saturday, October 04, 2003

Keeping the Dream Alive Part II

The Cubbies have won Game Three! Prior pitched all nine innings in front of a screaming home crowd, and we beat the Braves 3-1 tonight at Wrigley Field. when Prior came out to pitch the ninth inning the crowd rose to its feet in a great roar of 'Pri-or! Pri-or!' and stayed on its feet until he pitched an amazing 133th pitch to shut out the final inning for the was a beautiful sight. he is amazing. =)

we are 2-1 ahead in the series, and it's Game Four tomorrow afternoon. Baseball has come to rule my life. we are on absolute tenterhooks.

in other news, the sushi party went well -- rolled my own sushi which didn't involve any raw fish but DID involve plenty of cream cheese. i love cream cheese. many kudos to rachel for her brilliant idea of sushi night, and the provision of her kitchen for said sushi night. =) it was great seeing lots of people tonight too.

time to shower, and get some sleep...i mean work. =)


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