Monday, October 13, 2003

National League Championship Series Game Five: Cubs 0 Marlins 4

how about them Cubs indeed.

just when we think they have it in the bag, they let the Marlins blindside them into the narrowing gap between the two teams. we still have a 3-2 lead coming back to Wrigley Field, and this does mean that for the Marlins to go through they have to win all the remaining games, but still. i think the Cubs have a secret hankering to win on their own ground, in Wrigley in front of a huge crowd of their own fans, instead of in Florida in front of Marlins fans.

so come tuesday night, Mark Prior will pitch for the Cubs in what will hopefully be the deciding game that sends the Cubs to the World Series. history in the making. if we can't do it in Wrigley Field, with Prior pitching to shutout the Marlins' offence, and with Lofton-Sosa-Alou at bat, then we'll never be able to do it.

roll on tuesday. GO CUBS!


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