Wednesday, October 08, 2003

National League Championship Series Game One: Cubs 8 Marlins 9

sammy's valiant attempt in the bottom of the ninth though spectacular was not quite enough to bring us through this time. that said it was a spectacular two run homer: he hit it out of the ballpark, literally - it landed on the street outside of Wrigley. and bringing kenny lofton home tied things up for us, with moises alou coming up to bat. we could've won it in the ninth but didn't; we could've won it in the tenth but didn't; and when the eleventh rolled around, it was the end of the road for us. the Marlins hit a single home run, and that was enough for them to call it a night.

it's all right though, Cubs: we'll get 'em tomorrow. =) roll on Game Two.

the first Continuing Lindy II class was today, and Hanyann came up with the brilliant idea of teaching a class called 'The Art of Giving and Receiving'. basically an opportunity for all of us dancers to critique each other's dance styles and break each other's bad habits. it was a fun time for all -- i think we don't get opportunities like this often enough, to get to dance short dances focused on picking up things that need to be improved and telling people what they need to work on. as usual i got called on the way i cheat on my twist-twists -sheepish- and i need to work on giving the right amount of my weight...but at the same time it was good to hear some of my favourite partners tell me that they like dancing with me, i'm a good follow, and i've really improved over the last year. it is always great to hear things like that =)

i also had a bunch of really great dances, for which as always i thank the leads, since i just do what i am told to do, as a follow. -grins- this always makes me happy. i would hate to have to lead, i think. i would just do swingouts constantly, literally.

so. tomorrow. midweek hump. hopefully i make it. the beautiful weather certainly helps: according to some reports there are rumours that tomorrow we might even hit a high of 80.


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