Thursday, October 09, 2003

National League Championship Series Game Two: Cubs 12 Marlins 3

how about them Cubs?

tonight was truly a night to remember: a night of big hitters getting big hits -and not-so-big hitters slammin' the home runs too. it was as if Wrigley field had shrunk in the wash, and suddenly the left field seats and even Wyland Avenue weren't all that far away. homer after homer flew off the bats of various Cubs, and of various Marlins as well -two of their three runs tonight were single run homers, back to back in the sixth inning. there are few things as beautiful as the sight of a baseball soaring in the lights of the ballpark, high into the night sky, falling into the reaching hands of the fans in the bleachers; the sight of hundreds of fans screaming 'GO! GO! GO!' at the ball as if sheer force of will would keep it from falling out of the sky too soon.

but tonight, unlike last night, it was all Cubbies. the Marlins tried to make a break for it time after time, and were shut down, shut out even, by mark prior, who as always pitched a beautiful game. it almost -not quite, but almost- makes up for the loss last night that really shouldn't have happened but did.

so the series is tied 1-1 and we go to Florida to play Games Three and Four this weekend.

however, the Motet is going to be on retreat in Michigan this weekend, so i will be missing Game Three -although there are enough crazy baseball fans in Motet to ensure that at the very least we will know the score when you do, even if we can't watch the game...=)


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