Thursday, October 23, 2003

rehearsal tonight was fun, albeit exhausting. i've never sung with an orchestra before, i don't think. and the U of C Orchestra is not only pretty big, it's pretty good -with a slightly [perhaps entirely] insane female conductor named Barbara. it's funny to obey someone waving a baton, because i am used to following someone's hands. but honestly, when you are part of the two hundred strong choir trying to outsing an orchestra, all kinds of things stop mattering, like shape and tone. you just need to produce volumevolumevolume on the fortes, and everything else you sort of shape on autopilot. that said, it was a fun rehearsal because we finally got to hear the Boito played all the way through with the soloist in attendance -he makes a great dark and funny bass Mephistopheles- and now we all know the shape of the exerpt we are doing. it's also great fun to work with an orchestra; there is so much more cool stuff to listen for and laugh at.

we were also finally seated today, and i have been officially moved down into Sop two. =) i already knew that would happen; i don't have the colour of a sop one in my voice. it's most decidedly a mezzo's voice; too dark to be a soprano even though i have the range of a sop one. so must spend time relearning parts...biggest benefit of being sop two: sitting in front of the basses, though granted i will be seated in front of the B1s. still not complaining. baritones are much better than tenors!

too tired to write more; dinner out at steakhouse tomorrow with the Citylights comm and the Contact Singapore folk. gotta read!


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