Friday, October 24, 2003


Contact Singapore took us out to dinner tonight at a steakhouse on Erie -appropriately named the Erie Cafe- and it was unexpectedly tons of fun. Angela, who is leaving us soon, is a blast, and her replacement, Chris, looks like he is going to be pretty cool too. once he has settled into the madness that is life in Chicago, that is. [not life at the U of C; living in the city is pretty insane all by itself really] the company was great and the food -while not fantastic- is pretty much a cut above what i have been eating for the last few days, which is (a) not very much and (b) not very good. =)

we had, between the six of us -bear in mind this includes two very hungry boys-:

filet mignon
chicken smothered in mushrooms and onions
veal smothered in mushrooms and peppers

and all this started off with house salad, and accompanied by endless amounts of bread and cottage fried potatoes, which is a fancy way of saying huge-ass potato chips. i am incredibly stuffed and happy -i don't usually eat this much meat at once. although this is v good meat. =)

it's been a long tiring sort of day, but it ended on a good note =) and now it's back to second-species counterpoint [yay! i can use fourths now! though only as passing notes, the bitches. who writes counterpoint according to rules anyway?? answer: people taking p.martens's firstyear theory for majors music class of course] before collapsing into bed. i am staving off H's plague, in heroic fashion, so that i'll be able to sing in saturday's halloween concert. in typical chorister fashion, however, i am probably going to collapse with the plague on sunday morning when the adrenaline runs out and my immune system promptly gives way...

til then. =)


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