Wednesday, November 12, 2003


this arrived, stuffed into my door frame, this afternoon while i was taking a nap:

Dear Unit Owner/Tenant,

For the past week, we have been dealing non-stop with boiler and plumbing problems at the property. Environmental Control has continued to address a myriad of problems associated with the age of the equipment and many years of neglect.

explains why we have been alternately freezing and broiling in my apartment! they'd better get the heating system fixed before the real cold sets in, that's all i can say. otherwise i'm sleeping on jan's futon til the heating system is reliable again. boo!

was reminded that i have not been blogging much recently so -- quick update on what is going on: i am in the process of trying to produce a GOOD 100-200 word precis for my twelve-pager for C.Lipson, who i am convinced is possibly the funniest crazy man on earth; trying to do the reading for my music class since i am rapidly getting lost in the mysteries of figured bass and inversions notated completely different from what i am used to; and trying to do the reading for my ODM class, while preparing to write another paper next week. gotta top the A i got on the paper about the Polaris missile, which alex keeps pointing out is a Navy missile. which it is. an ICBM carried on nuclear subs capable of submerged launch. ok, enough =)

in the meantime i have a shopping trip downtown planned for this friday, possibly with Matrix Revolutions thrown in for good measure though who knows, since i have heard bad things about it. also dinner with rachel at the Snail on thursday, and a nice relaxed weekend involving perhaps an Indiana Jones Marathon at my place saturday night with my roomie and her bio chick friends. =)

along quite different lines, a shout out to all who are stuck in the midst of NUS exam season: hang in there, adrian, evan, anyone else i missed out who comes by this blog. they will be over soon and then you will be having fun before i even get to think about packing to come home...


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