Wednesday, November 19, 2003

i need to find some kind of motivation to do work, rather than read endless amounts of Steingarten, get hungry, and putter around my kitchen fixing my divine smelling beef stew -which will turn out too salty but delicious nonetheless. oh, and wander around friends' blogs, where i found this on Michelle Lim's blog re: RGS girls.

now, i'm an rgs girl. that much is obvious to anyone who has ever met a bunch of rgs girls as a base for comparison. random strangers off the street go 'you went to Raffles, didn't you' moments after they hear me open my mouth for the first time. in fact, i couldn't imagine where else i would like to send my daughters [i must be a disappointment to my mother, who is a st. nicholas girl through and through, and would have liked her only daughter to have been one too!] than my own alma mater, because of the education she will receive and the kind of -you can make the world a better place- attitude that we seem to come out of secondary school with. Filiae Melioris Aevi indeed. perhaps it was all carmee's influence, who knows.

i object to Chua Mui Hoong's implication that an RGS education is all about getting good grades. i certainly didn't come through with an impeccable report book, and i know lots of my friends didn't either. we spent countless hours in choir rehearsals and debate meetings; and almost as many hours lounging in a macs on orchard road eating fries and BBQ-sauce and blabbering about our favourite books --which had nothing to do with school AT ALL. in fact, we went to the library tons of times together - to get favourite fiction authors out of the library -- and i can't remember the last time i got a work-related book out of the rgs library. it was all about the terry pratchetts and the orson scott cards i couldn't bring myself to buy because i was a poor secondary school student then. =)

ooh, and who can forget sitting in the HD at the Mariott trying to decide what delicious confection to try next?

i loved my time in RGS, and i really like the kind of person it has made me. and my best friends. of course, i'm biased -- i am a big fan of my own kind, i guess --birds of a feather flock together and all that jazz. but on the whole i think i prefer being an articulate -well most of the time-, semi-intelligent, competitive and argumentative person who nitpicks about the meanings of words rather than be imprecise. i guess i've been fortunate in going to various schools that have been able to pick out and shape the best bits of the academic, intellectual me, while giving me various people who have shaped the emotional, human me.

i guess that really is what i want to pass on to my daughter -if one day i have a daughter, who knows i might have all boys, the horror-: the entire experience of an education that has made the most of the raw material that was kind of just sitting there behind my eyes the entire time. but as a start i think i would like to send her off to rgs, assuming that it hasn't turned into a pressurecooker, academics-only focused which case i will pack her off to SCGS so that she can at least 'marry well', to quote Chua Mui Hoong!


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