Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Never Again

never again am i going to be on the organising committee for something like Citylights. i have my misgivings in the beginning before accepting the post, and now i know there was a real reason other than laziness behind it. never again.

if i make it to this saturday without killing anyone, it will be a miracle of the first order. already i'm having nightmares at night and my skin is breaking out for no apparent reason other than lack of sleep and tons of unwanted unwarranted stress, and i refuse to check my email. that, in itself, is a sign of how unhealthy my life has become in the last two weeks or so. i went the entire weekend without turning on my computer. that's a sign that things are severely awry in jeanette-land.

i had an amazing time at lindy this evening, learning a blues routine from hanyann and adeoye that will blow anyone's mind. my euphoria lasted less than half an hour, as immediately upon checking in at my computer i am flooded with email and demands for information. -poof- goes the good mood, that's all i can say.

so. here i am. impotently homocidal, at least until saturday. after that, i'm gonna go into total isolation mode, hide in my apartment, and only come out and play with people i REALLY REALLY like.


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