Monday, November 03, 2003

pit stop because i am not Macbeth, i am able to sleep, and i really need to get some sleep tonight! -grins- midterm tomorrow, though in music, so not too nasty, and will probably even be fun assuming i do not forget the bloody rules of counterpoint which i should go over at breakfastime.


some background: every year during orientation week, the U of C has a 'Aims of Education' address that the incoming firstyears attend, along with their oaides and staff. the Aims of Education address is a hallowed old tradition: it's a big honour to be picked as the speaker for this; it is one of the few long set-speeches in the four years everyone is here, yadda yadda yadda. and it focuses, as the title implies, on why we seek an education. why become educated. what is an education. the kind of question that the U of C revels in, indeed, makes the basis of its philosophy/identity. part of why we have a 'Life of the Mind'. anyway. this year's version seemed particularly interesting, so - do go take a look. much thanks to leon, since i stole the link off his blog. =)

Aims of Education 2003



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