Monday, December 01, 2003

procrastinating, procrastinating

ho hum, it's sunday already? whatever happened to the time. hard to imagine that in two weeks fall quarter will be over -- in fact in less than two weeks for me. i will be done wednesday of finals week, thank god for small mercies. have accomplished SOME good today despite still feeling the effects of being sick:

finished most of the reading for the lipson paper hanging over my head;
wrote an outline of said paper that is a third as long as the finished paper needs to be, which gives me hope that it won't be TOO painful to write [though i need to get down to brass tacks and WRITE the damn thing soon];
bought groceries including ham and cheese and bread and coleslaw so i can have dinner at home tonight -and also left the apartment!

been drinking too much tea and coffee lately, i think my kidneys might be ready to go on strike soon. and watching too much anime. but i spent a lot of the last two days sleeping, so am getting over the cold fairly rapidly. [i slept nine hours last night and another hour or so today. don't even ask how many hours i slept yesterday, the number is huge and horrfying.] things left to accomplish -hopefully!- tonight:

(1) reading a case from the Pentagon Papers for ODM major-paperwriting this coming week;
(2) remembering to wake up early and go to the tailor to drop off my gown for shortening;
(3) perhaps starting on the Lipson paper, at least in an introductory fashion.

in the meantime there is dinner to be made and Simpsons/Escaflowne to be watched. and sometime tonight my roommate returns from Evanston.


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