Saturday, November 22, 2003


is a great movie for people who love horses and love to watch horses run and interact with people and just be themselves on camera. i loved it. i'll even admit i cried at it, when Seabiscuit starts winning races by just going into high gear, sprinting full out for the finish line.

it kind of reminds me of Secretariat -- the Triple Crown winner that literally had a bigger heart than other horses. they're all about their willingness to go the extra bit for you, to win, to beat the rest of the pack. people forget that these horses are bred for one thing and one thing only -- to run, and run as hard as they can until you stop them. they're at their most beautiful when they are sprinting for that finish line, and they open up and really take off and it's the closest thing to flying while being on the ground you could imagine.

people say the movie is kind of cheesy and i have to admit, as far as the whole symbol-of-a-nation-getting-out-of-the-Great-Depression goes i have to agree. but the whole thing about him loving a challenge and coming from behind -- horses have great hearts, and they are intelligent animals. it's totally believable that he needed to be challenged [i love the whole thing about him being able to sleep all day and eat twice as much as a horse twice his size] before he could find the spirit to win.

at some point i'll have to post something abt the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre's production of Taming of the Shrew that we attended last night [and its relevance to the recent furore about RGS girls and the unmarriageability thereof] but it will have to wait til i am more coherent. =)


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