Sunday, November 30, 2003

Thanksgiving Weekend

ying came! =)

and we all had a great time. janice roasted us a fantabulous turkey, full of juicy goodness, the best turkey i've ever had. much kudos to the domestic goddess. =) there was lots of food, and lots of wine, and lots of dessert, and plenty of great company -- up to and including the honourary parental units: ying's parents were in town, and spent thanksgiving with us, it was a blast.

the post-thanksgiving sale shopping trip was also quite the experience: i don't think i have ever shopped for almost twelve hours straight before. no wonder we were completely unwilling/unable to move this morning; i think it took jan five tries before she was up and remained awake for longer than the time it took to mumble something and go -clonk- back to sleep, as ying puts it. but it was fun - new shoes for people, new earrings for alvin!, new sweaters for me, that sort of good stuff.

unforunately i now have a terrible terrible cold and am sneezing all over the place -we got caught out in the snow yesterday and i was inadequately dressed. so i shall be fairly quiet heading into finals week -- and then the quarter will be over, eun will be here, and then i will be home. soon. =)


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