Thursday, November 06, 2003

To Do List

i just managed to get my cellphone unlocked from the Tmobile network -the bastards, they were never going to tell me how to do it until i called them again and harrassed them. email? what email? oh, sorry jeanette, there are instructions here how to do it, why don't i read them out to you? five seconds later, my phone is unlocked, free from tmobile forever. hah. take that, you inefficient lying pigs. =)

so i am in a triumphant mood, all too rare because i woke up this morning with the panic-ked feeling that Citylights is falling apart on my watch. so i need to call jess in the next half an hour or so and ask her what is UP with the banner and if it is undone to bang some heads, probably mine, against the wall. but until then, i am staying abreast of the panic by eating lots of Goldfish -the baked kind in packaging that declares, somewhat morbidly, 'The Snack That Smiles Back' as if that would make kids MORE likely to pop whole goldfish in their mouths- and drinking lots of water. i love my new Nalgenes, i consume so much more water when i have a litre of it sitting in front of me at my desk.

but. so that i don't forget over this weekend -yes i use this blog as a constant reminder of what is missing/going wrong/needs to be done in my life- here is a to-do-list for the weekend:

(1) SURVIVE CITYLIGHTS WITHOUT COMMITTING MURDER even at take-down on saturday night;
(2) Research and write a precis for my fifteen-page term paper for Lipson's World Politics class, which i really need to get a good grade on since i fucked up on the timeline and got a miserable-ass B, which is stupid because this is essentially a low-impact easy class;
(3) Do music homework with Hanyann

now i have no idea if this is managable considering that citylights takes up all of saturday in one form or another, but it should be fine. i need some refining ideas for my paper though. my TA commented that my 'topic area is too broad' and i should find a particular aspect of the Japanese war in the Pacific to focus on.

it's tempting to focus on Pearl Harbour but i'm trying to think of something more obscure than that - of course that means that there might not be sources available. but hell. i had a brainwave re: kamikaze pilots last night but in typical jeanette-distracted fashion forgot to write it down, leaving me with a tantalising fragment of idea floating in my head, attached to a large label on which 'kamikaze' is written. so maybe i'll work on getting that idea back while i walk to school in the bitter cold later.

at least my heat is on; i have no section for IR this week; i have no keyboard, and therefore my afternoon is free once Lipson's class is over. i'll sit in the B-school cafe and eat and read obnoxiously taking up a table at the busiest time of the day, waiting for alex to get out of class so we can go to walgreens -and he can carry stuff home for me. -grins- of course technically i should be reading Kagan's 'On the Origins of War' but more likely than not i will actually be reading Winchester's 'The Meaning of Everything' because it is much more fascinating that yet another explanation for the insane breakout of general war that characterised the early part of the 20th century. if i could, i would simply say the reason is that mankind is stupid/insane.

time to go look at some history re: kamikaze pilots!


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